K9 Dog Security

Guard Dogs

Most common services:

  • Site preservation
  • Theft of plant & machinery
  • Theft of fuel
  • Theft of site materials
  •  Vandalism
  • Breaches of security into existing buildings

If you have an unussual order reguirments we are here to disscus it indetails.
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Benefits of using guard dogs:

Strengthening the effectiveness of dog protection does not involve costs on the part of the client,
the dog evokes human respect, which results in maintaining a distance to the bodyguard, preventing a direct attack, thereby strengthening the sense of security.
the dog's reaction is immediate and independent of the prevailing weather conditions, the rate for man-hour or the value of protected property
the dog is not subject to anxiety and safety behaviors typical of man, he always performs work at the maximum of his skills and abilities.

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