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Physical Security and Site Preservation

Best Security Service

We are a young and dynamically developing company with an experienced dog handlers team.

Our focus for the company is: Honesty, Reliability and Professionalism. Which ensures unique quality and excellent customer relationships. 

Best for the Best

We use specialized equipment and run our dogs in a variety of scenarios for training, which allow us to arrange the most real conditions that the dogs will encounter while working in security. 


During months of training, dogs are taught:

OBEDIENCE - NASDU exam (walking with or without on a leash, not taking food from strangers, staying in the distance)

GUARD WORK - IPO exam (patrolling the area, searching, escorting and incapacitating the opponent)

OLFACTORY work - taking the lead and following the leader's trail

K9 Perun dogs are Belgian Shepherd Pedigree, German Shepherd Dogs, Dobermans and Rottweilers entered in the Polish Pedigree Book from prestigious kennels. Only the healthiest individuals selected for breeding and guarding properties, such as the speed of stimulation and reactions, neutrality in relation to the environment and work in protection.

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